Car rallies

Since 1993, Tedex has been engaged in the development of Polish rallies, both at the top championship level and in the support of young talents.

During this time, our crews won 7 titles of the Champions of Poland and 1 title of the Champions of Bulgaria. Our team was represented by such drivers as: Robert Herba, Piotr Świeboda, Leszek Kuzaj, Tomasz Kuchar, Tomasz Czopik, Michał Bębenek, Paweł Hankiewicz and others. Since the 2010 season, the Tedex WRC Rally Team has been represented by three-time Champions of Poland, the crew of Bryan Bouffier/Xavier Pansieri and Radosław Typa. In the 2017 season, the TVN Turbo Rally Team Łukasz Byśkiniewicz and Tomasz Borko joined us. 

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